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A supportive nudge in the right direction

“You’ve had such a positive influence on my life. I can’t thank you enough for your support and encouragement. Knowing you believe in me has boosted my confidence to no end. I feel I’m on track to achieving my goals, having finally gained full time employment in a field of work I have been passionate about for many years.


I came up against some obstacles along the way, which slowed the process to the point I thought I might back out of the project completely. But Nikki believed in me and encouraged me to keep moving forward. She saw my qualities and knew what I was capable of.


I just needed a supportive nudge to head me in the right direction. I will spread the word about the support I received through CSW group and encourage anyone to get on board – because you might just find that confidence, security structure, purpose and quality of life you’ve been searching for.”


H faced a variety of challenges in her life that were holding her back, and needed support to move forward. She tried to find a way to progress herself, but found that she was getting overwhelmed. Struggling with anxiety and lacking confidence and motivation, H signed up to the Health Works for Cornwall project in March 2022.  Health Works for Cornwall is part-funded by the European Social Fund and supports out of work individuals whose health is affecting this ability to find and sustain employment.


H had recognised certain ADHD tendencies in herself, but she hadn’t gone through any official evaluation process. She believed that an assessment would equip her with the necessary strategies and techniques to manage her daily routine. Her Change Coach, Nikki, urged her to get in touch with her GP and request an ADHD assessment. Though she is currently on the waiting list for an assessment, she has been informed that it could take a while.


The long wait for an ADHD assessment left H feeling that making progress would be difficult. But her Change Coach encouraged her to focus on the future and start making steps forward now.


H received guidance from her Change Coach on the best methods to move forward. The primary emphasis was on building H’s self-confidence and motivation. She participated in the Active Plus Confidence and Motivation course and was informed about a nearby Empowered Living course.


Nikki assisted H in considering both employed and self-employed positions. Given that H had received training as a lash technician, becoming self-employed was a feasible choice. She was informed of the resources available to aid her in pursuing this path.


H and her Change Coach regularly discussed the benefits of routine and structure to support H in managing her daily life. Through regular contact, support and discussion, H started to see a way forward, and with some more detailed exploration and discussions around job roles, H and her Change Coach were able to focus on the goal of gaining employment in a role that advised and guided others on how to progress with their life.


H was advised of a local volunteering session, where the participating organisations shared details about volunteering opportunities and the associated training they offered. H was also advised of the benefits of gaining a qualification that would support progress toward her desired job. The suggestion was made that an Advice & Guidance qualification would be particularly useful.


H and her Change Coach focussed their 1-1 sessions on employability skills, concentrating on building a CV. They then began actively searching for job vacancies, so that H could gain an insight into job roles and required entry requirements.


Her Change Coach found H a vacancy with Pentreath, a local organisation which  met her skills and interests perfectly. Using her newly created CV, H applied and was invited to interview. H was not offered the role, but undeterred and with continued encouragement from her Change Coach, H had the confidence to keep looking and applying for jobs.


H soon found another role to apply for with an organisation called Rethink. The day after attending the interview, H was offered a full time role and is now employed as a Rehabilitation Recovery Coach Support Worker, supporting individuals who are impacted by mental illness.


H was really struggling to find a way forward in life, but with focused 1-1 support, H has secured full-time employment and is feeling wholly more positive about what the future has to offer.

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