Is your health affecting your ability to find work?

Health Works for Cornwall is part-funded by the European Social Fund.

Building Confidence, Finding Purpose



“The course Instructors have such experience, and a way of delivering the course that could make even the most socially anxious person feel at ease. The course was unlike anything I had seen before, and it really motivated me to start doing something – not work, yet – but the motivation to get up and leave the house. To go see family or friends, or even go to a coffee shop by myself.”


When Louise was first introduced to Active Plus, she had been on Universal Credit for a couple of months, due to living with chronic illnesses and moving multiple times. Having been unemployed for so long, Louise felt like she was stuck in a hole she couldn’t get out of.


After a meeting with her Job Centre Advisor, Louise was enrolled on Active Plus’ Confidence and Motivation course. As someone who struggles with meeting new people and certain types of structure, Louise was terrified at the thought of attending the course. But midway through the first session she felt at ease.


The experienced course instructors deliver the course in a way that makes everyone that attends feel included and supported. Even those, like Louise, who suffer with chronic social anxiety. The Confidence and Motivation course gave Louise the motivation to take small steps towards making a better life for herself. She wasn’t quite ready for work, but she wanted to start doing things that she had been avoiding, like going to the shops alone.


Since completing the Active Plus Confidence and Motivation course, Louise has received tailored one-to-one support from her Change Coach, Terrie-Anne. With Terrie-Anne’s help, Louise began to feel confident in her disabilities and started searching for work that suits her needs and lifestyle.


Terrie-Anne helped Louise filter through the jobs available online to find the right ones for her, rather than any old job to get off benefits and back to work.


Louise was supported by Terrie-Anne and Active Plus through what she describes as “some truly terrible interviews and put downs from some organisations.” She felt like she was talking to a good friend in her one-to-one meetings, and was pleased that the meetings were about more than just work.


With their support, Louise was able to secure a part-time, seasonal role at The Works. A role that Louise says is “highly suitable” for her, as it gets her out of the rut and allows her to do something she enjoys, whilst fitting around her chronic illness needs.


Having started her new job on July 17th 2023, Louise says she can’t imagine a role that is a better fit for her at this moment in time. She feels things have really turned around for her, and counts her blessings that she was able to take part in the Confidence and Motivation programme.



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